Digital Art

Smoke, Mountains, and Open Sky

A digital art painting done as a test , I was trying some techniques I haven’t done since art class years back.
My newest print, too. ❤ Feels great to do a landscape again.
Mixed media – Started as a traditional acrylics painting with extra details added in in paint tool sai.


Fan Art

Poison Ivy

A Fan art of Poison Ivy, that I had made out of an old pencil sketch and papers, along with coloring over it all in paint tool sai. I love how her hair and dress turned out, and I left the body somewhat undefined. I just enjoyed the look.


Poison Ivy is from the Batman series / DC Universe. I just drew her for fun and practice.

Fan Art

Sugar Lump

Pony sketch
drawn with pencil, then colored over on the computer in Paint tool sai
moved from my old account.



My Little Pony is licensed to Hasbro.

This fan art was drawn purely for fun and not for profit.